The Good Life

How can we create

better lives,

better communities, &

a better world?

Through an interdisciplinary lens, Creating the Good Life explores this question:

If we’re trying to make the world a better place, what exactly do we mean by “better?”

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Philosophical writing explores the big questions: Why are we here? What should we value? Why should I care?

From a community development perspective, a philosopher asks, “What are the components of a ‘good life’ or a ‘good community?'”


Politics, in its broadest sense, is about power. Political writing examines individuals, cultures, systems, and institutions as they compete for it.

From a community development perspective, political writing asks, “How can we more equally distribute power and resources while strengthening our democracy?”


Defined broadly, culture refers to the formal and informal ways humans communicate and create meaning.

From a community development perspective, cultural studies asks, “What are a society’s values and priorities and how are they communicated?”


Psychology is a modern science that helps us answer the question, “Why do humans do the things that they do?”

From a community development perspective, positive psychology asks, “What really makes humans happy?” and “How can policies better reflect this knowledge?”

Why I Started CTGL

My interest in community development started much earlier than my career in real estate development. In a broad sense, I think it started when I fulfilled my life’s dream of studying in Paris (and ended up being miserable).


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Creating the Good Life is a collaborative blog and educational forum. Its purpose is to intellectually inform community development efforts by providing a space for progressives to debate ideas, exchange values, and engage interested members of the public.


Creating The Good Life is a collaborative blog where guest writers can submit essays that follow the submission guidelines. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Please e-mail qualifying submissions to

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Growth itself is the only moral end.

John Dewey